Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Happy New Year!  A bit late, but at least we are still in January.  And, a very warm January it has been so far.  I have been outdoors more than usual for this time of year and  enjoying walks with my camera. Totally unrelated, the photo above is a black and white photo of portraits of me drawn by my granddaughters.  When we were last together in November, we drew and painted lots of portraits and it made my day when these arrived in the mail.

Below is an interior photo of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul taken in 2013.  This is a recent edit which I intend to print but had been dragging my feet.  Then this past week we started watching the Netflix docu-series, Rise of Empires: Ottoman.  It tells the story of the Ottoman siege of Constantinople led by Sultan Mehmed II.  Viewing this series and recently finishing Balkan Ghosts by Robert D. Kaplan ties this image and memories to something bigger.

I mentioned that our January has been warmer than usual.  It has also been wetter and I love photographing in the rain.  I recently purchased a cheap rain sleeve for my camera which makes me feel more comfortable in this situation.

And some other images from my walks:

And here is a photo collage I'm working on.  Two parts are my own images and the rest are found (antique/vintage) images.  I'm fascinated with this combination and feel a sense of mystery and adventure.  Nothing is glued down yet.  I've played with other images and arrangements, but I'm still loving this draft.  I think I'll leave it be for awhile.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Holiday Greetings

I think we can all agree December days are short and full of activity.  I've learned through failure, that   holidays are more fun if I give some thought to how I want to experience them ahead of time.  Many has been the year that I found myself exhausted and/or rundown with a cold by Christmas Day--all from not planning or pacing myself well enough.  Perhaps it is because our children are grown and we are older/more experienced, but we definitely have a renewed pleasure in this season and I'm guessing it's because we aren't trying to do it all.  Inter-twinned with the holiday season is the end of my year-long photography course, Gathering Light with Laura Valenti.  Gathering Light is not a technical course, but rather a guide to photographing mindfully.  If you are interested in making images you absolutely love, take a moment to look at the offerings at Laura's website https://www.lightatlascreative.com/about

Here are some of the images I've been making this month:

Wild turkey feather I found on our woodland path and seed pods of the Red Bud tree.

Photographs of the kitchen using an open refrigerator as the light source.

Layered photos:  one of a branch of maple leaves and one of ice on the fish pond.

Layered image of zinnias and a reflective tabletop

Layered image of some travels --  Blue Mosque (Istanbul) and my walk on a Bermuda beach

All the best holiday wishes!

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

November Greetings!

This autumn has been a bit colder and more windy than previous years, but also exhilarating.  My son and family recently moved from the Seattle area to Boise, Idaho.  As soon as I heard they were moving, I booked my flight to Boise.  I never in my life thought I would visit Idaho--it just seems so remote from everything I know.  Well, it doesn't seem remote anymore.  I was able to devote my time to the grandchildren while their mom took care of many chores related to moving---getting the cars registered and applying for a new driver's license.  The list goes on.  I love that they live near one of the Oregon Trail Preserves.  So, yes, I had a fabulous trip to Boise and I'll have a lot more to share about it as time goes on.

A few days ago I spent a Saturday in New York City with my friend, Rochelle.  We had read the book WICKED, when it came out several years ago.  My daughter-in-law saw the musical in Seattle this past summer and raved about it.  My granddaughters started singing "Defying Gravity" and then I started singing it and then Rochelle said we should go to New York and see it for ourselves--and so we did.  And, we loved it!  See our happy faces after the show.  Thank you, sweet stranger, for taking this photo.

Our morning was spent at the recently renovated Museum of Modern Art.  We decided to walk through everything before lunch, and then over lunch decide what to spend more time in.  There are at least four or five lunch options.  We chose Cafe2 because it was moderately priced, we could order our food and drink at the front counter, everything would be delivered to our table and waiters circulated in case you needed another drink or any other food item.  There were a bank of tables with city views which we loved, but you need to get there early for those.  We were there at 11:30 and it was busy but not crowded and we were able to snag one.  After lunch, we realized we had not discussed what to see next, so we wondered aimlessly again in the hour we had before heading to the theater.  Rochelle commented that many of the works dealt with depressing topics.  I understood what she meant, but there it is---artists are driven by their experiences and passions.  If those experiences have been violent, traumatic, abusive, etc., or the artist suffered (or is suffering) physically or mentally, that experience must be processed in some way and for artists, it will manifest itself in the arts. Even if I don't like an art work, I am totally interested in the process---but, it doesn't always mean that understanding the motivation and process makes the work successful to me. We departed on a more cheerful note seeing the works of Morris Hirshfield, whose folk art animals made everyone smile.  Below is an example and a few other photos inside MoMA.
Angora Cat by Morris Hirshfield

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

October greetings!  I am sitting in our second floor library/office listening to what I hope will be the last week of roofing work at our house.  Well, there is still the garden shed to be done.  Patience is the order of the day.  Pictured above is a remembrance of a happy, summer day on the patio with my granddaughters and their mother.  The four of us created a lot of art together during their week-long visit and we had a lot of adventures in "the forest".

Happy news is that three of my photographic works were selected for the 49th Annual Juried Exhibit at the York Art Association, York, PA.  The opening reception is this coming Sunday, November 3, 2019 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  It runs for at least a month.  Sorry for the short notice, but just leave a comment if you need more details.  Dreamboat Day which I posted last time is one of my entries.  I really love that piece and am so thrilled it will have some time in the public eye.  I know I've posted Byzantine Prison before, but here it is again along with the Skopje Bridge which were also accepted.

Byzantine Prison

Skopje Bridge

And here are a few scenes of autumn in southern Pennsylvania:

That's all for now.  Happy October!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Wow!  It's the last day of September already.  We are officially into Autumn--my favorite season--YAY!  And, to welcome October, I have a "pop up" exhibit this coming Friday, October 4, from 5:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m.  This is a First Friday event in downtown York, PA.  Here are more details:

York Art Association Gallery Group
exhibiting artists:  JoAnn Bast, Beth Fowler, Chris Gold, Carol Little & Patricia Teller
Where:  The Watchmaker's Daughter Upstairs Gallery
22 N. Beaver St., York, PA
717 848-1066

Have to admit I like the making art bit better than the publicity and organizing bit.  Guess that's why galleries get a nice commission.  I was full of enthusiasm when I signed on for this exhibit a couple of months ago, but this week has been a struggle--not only with attention to all the details, but even questioning whether I should be exhibiting at all.  I don't often mention this side of my art life, but it's there and I know once the doors open and I see people enjoying what I've made, I will be fully happy.  It all comes alive when it's out there.  So I hope some of you will join the party.

And here are some of the new photo images I've made since my last post:

Dream Boat Day

Form and Space

Kitchen Window Things

Queen Anne's Lace

Zinnias and Hostas

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Hello!  I've been doing an exercise this week in Laura Valenti's "Gathering Light" workshop.  The goal is five images a day that create a mini portfolio, or images that could plant a seed for a portfolio.  I will be close to home all week so my images are inside or outside the house.  On Day One I photographed the late afternoon light inside, on Day 2 morning light inside and Day 3 morning in the garden (fleeting summer).  Catching up on office work this morning, so don't know what Day 4 will be yet.

Day 1


Day 3

Friday, August 23, 2019

Zinnias are blooming on their tall, skinny stems this month and cheering me up even when I'm hot and sweaty from garden work.  I planted them from seed and didn't read the back of the packet--only looked at the portrait of an assortment of flower heads on the front.  Last year I had short zinnia plants with medium size flowers.  This year I have plants growing almost taller than I am (5'1") with the smallest zinnia flowers I've ever seen.  Nevertheless, I love them and they are so photogenic too.

I have added two new collages to the "Collages" page, and will have two more next time.  Just don't have them photographed yet.  Most of the new ones will be on exhibit for First Friday in York, PA --October 4, 2019.  The collection is shaping up and I'm excited to give them their day in the sun.

Here are a few images that I've been working on these last few days:

Thanks for stopping by!