Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Happy New Year 2018

For days and days it has felt like scenes from the film, Dr. Zhivago, around here.  The frozen house with the frozen room comes to mind, although our situation wasn't anything close.  Today is sunny with a promise of above freezing temperatures--hooray!

This week I got back into the studio for the first time since leaving for Northern Greece on November 17.  There is always some fussing and reorganizing to do.  Besides that, I warmed up with some speedy sketches of faces in a Vanity Fair magazine using India ink and a skinny stick.

Before our trip, I invited a friend over and we worked on an individual collage and then a collaborative one on a 20 x 16 inch canvas.  It needs a lot of work, but some parts of it are very interesting and over all I love the color palette.

Before Christmas, I was looking through some old works on paper and found this leaf done in watercolor a few years ago.  I really love it and remember how much I was enjoying painting outside on a beautiful autumn day.   I should have photographed it before it was framed, however.

Another project is ordering photography prints for upcoming exhibits and also for my photo greeting cards.  I believe I have been making photo greeting cards (for my own use) for almost 30 years.  In the last few years, I have been selling them.  When I use them myself, I like to start with a quote that somehow fits the season or purpose for writing.  I have a small loose leaf notebook for my ongoing collection.  It occurred to me recently that I should share some of my favorites on a Page in this blog and have a smaller selection tucked into the packaging of the cards I sell.  So that will be another project.  I will start the blog page today and make it available, but just know that it is under construction.  Here is one of the prints on order.  The Buddha in our garden is so inspiring.

This coming Sunday, January 14, is the opening of the next York Art Association exhibit.

You can find more information at the YAA website:  www.YorkArtAssociation.org
220 S. Marshall St., York, PA
Runs through February 10, 2018

I plan to be there taking photos for publicity and archives.  Hope to see you there!

Friday, December 29, 2017

November and December Endings

We returned from discoveries and adventures in Northern Greece, Albania and Macedonia in early December.  Greece was like a homecoming with many familiar sights and a foreign language I was somewhat familiar with.  But the world is getting smaller and the two largest cities in Greece (Athens and Thessaloniki) are very cosmopolitan.  English is widely spoken and everyone is connected to the Internet.  Venturing outside the major cities is different.  With the exception of three days in Thessaloniki, we often felt like time travelers--at least 50 years back in some cases--except that we always had wifi in our hotels.  I can't deny that I enjoyed staying in touch with home and sharing photos and videos on Instagram.  Here are a few photos taken around our hotel in Meteora.  The village is Kastraki.  We visited two monasteries and hiked from one of them (Varlaam) back to the village. We had a guide who first fortified us with mountain tea and pastries.  The above photo was taken in Macedonia--my first donkey ride, and in the pouring rain no less.

View from the terrace of our hotel (Doupani Hotel). You can see the village of Kastraki and the rock formations which became populated with monasteries during the Byzantine period.  

Private home among the rocks.  These rocks are talking to me.

Roses still blooming here and there.

Barry and I relaxing at the end of our day on, around and down from the rocks.

I will share other stories of my travels in future posts.  We returned home the first week in December to very mild weather and piles of fallen leaves.  Back to work!  While working on the driveway border we came upon one of our garden snakes and a very large woolly caterpillar.  It was a warm autumn.

As the song says, there are twelve days of Christmas so I'm not too late to share some Christmas moments seen at a family gathering.

Best Wishes for a Happy New Year 2018!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Colors of November

Digging into art work and some travel in the coming days.  Below is a collage of a collage I'm working on with Rita.  We've always talked about doing a collaborative collage and this is the beginning of it.  The works on the table are a collagraphic print and a watercolor of an autumn leaf that will soon be framed.

That's all for now.  Enjoy these autumn days.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November and Into Deep Autumn

Yes, deep autumn with cool/cold weather, cloudy days and even some sleet with rain yesterday. But along with that have been some sunny episodes which send me running outdoors with a camera.  The photo above is a detail of a dried flower arrangement in our upstairs bathroom.  Those Chinese lanterns glow when sunbeams pass through the room.  Below are some November views outdoors:

Many thanks to all who attended the opening reception of York Art Association's 47th Annual Juried Exhibit.  We had a full house of artists and guests.  It was impossible to really see all the works in such a party atmosphere, so I will definitely visit on my own for quiet study and enjoyment.  Here is a little collage of some of the artists and some of the art.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!
Looking out the office window at a golden autumn day--a little breezy and absolutely beautiful.  After lunch I will be outside helping Barry move vast quantities of leaves down to street side for the township leaf vacuum truck.  I don't know what we would do without this service.

November will be busy with art.  I have three pieces in the Annual Juried Exhibit opening Sunday, November 5.  Here are more details:

I'm also selecting pieces for a one-day trunk show on December 9, 2017 at the Framer's Workshop, South York Plaza, York, PA.  This is something new for me and I'm excited to see how it goes.  I am thinking I will have about 20 paintings and 20 photographic works for sale.  I am also culling some of my small (6x6 through 8x10) unframed works on paper as well as (5x5 and 5x7) photographs which I will bring along.  Anyone buying a piece of the art "for sale" can choose a piece of free art as a bonus.  Well, it seems like a great idea.  I'll let you know how it goes.

One more thing is the Anonymous Exhibit at Marketview Arts which opens on First Friday, December 1, 2017 from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.  A large number of artists have been invited to create paintings, drawings or collage on 6"x6" heavy art paper.  The art works are signed on the back only and will be mounted in a grid pattern.  All works will be for sale at $50 each, but buyers will not know the identity of the artist until the exhibit is over.  The event is a fundraiser for Marketview Arts with half the proceeds going to the artist.  Final day of the exhibit is December 21, 2017.  After that I can share an image of my entry.  I should also mention that Strathmore is providing the paper for this project.  

Marketview Arts, 37 W. Philadelphia St, York, PA

That's all for now.  Must grab a rake!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The York Art Association's Fall Members Exhibit is over.  I packed all my photography into the Fit and brought it home Saturday afternoon, but forgot to collect my two paintings--rats!!  Another trip to the gallery.  I only thought of them because I added them to the Paintings pages recently and wanted to share them here as well. Sigh...

The rusty truck pictured above was at the body shop we recently visited.  I believe the owner considers it a lawn ornament.  It works for me.  We were there dropping off Barry's car whose side mirror had clipped an open pasture gate on one of our back roads.  It was pouring rain and the gate (which was always closed previously) was sticking out into the road a bit.  We didn't see it and the next thing was a very load thump and shattered glass all over us.  The side mirror hit the passenger window and totally blew it out.  We felt shattered ourselves but recovered quickly once we got home and cleaned up all the glass inside the car and on us.  Our auto body man replaced the mirror and window and had the car back to us in three days at a very reasonable price.  We were so lucky.

Here are the three paintings recently added to the Paintings page:

Ireland Near Galway - 16x20 Oil on Canvas

Mellinger Twilight    6x8 Oil on Canvas Board

Two Pears   6x8 Acrylic on Canvas Board

And this is something I shared on Instagram today.  It's a mural on a building in the historic district of Riga, Latvia.  I wrote about the Art Nouveau architecture in Riga about two years ago--right after our visit their.  I'm just getting around to editing the Latvia photos and it's been wonderful to visit that country again through photography.

You can find me on Instagram:  tuesdaycafe

Saturday, October 7, 2017

First Week of October

As I was preparing for a visit from my Seattle family, I received news that the three photographic works I submitted for the juried exhibit (see announcement above)  were accepted.  That was a few days ago.  My son, his wife and their twin daughters (age 2 1/2) have returned to Seattle and life is returning to active normal here.  According to Socrates, "beware the barrenness of a busy life".  I keep reminding myself of this and have made a good effort keeping some time open each day just "to be" and keeping a couple of days open on the calendar each week for spontaneous things, working in the studio or whatever strikes my fancy.  It is so easy to get overbooked.  I'm especially thinking of this as I prepare for upcoming art events, autumn garden chores and preparations for an overseas visit to northern Greece and beyond.  The juried exhibit is exciting for me because this is the first year since I started submitting work (about six years ago) that all three pieces were accepted.  This is no doubt because I submitted paintings as well as photography in previous years.  I haven't had as much experience with painting as with photography and decided to stick to photography this year.  I'm challenging myself to complete another 20 paintings before I try submitting paintings again.   Below is a photo taken by one of my friends who came to the opening of the Fall Members' Exhibit.  

And here ere are some works from my archives that have an autumn feel.  One is an acrylic painting exploring autumn colors.  The other two are drawings executed in the autumn season.  Enjoy the season!