Saturday, January 11, 2014

I think I've done it.  We'll see when I hit the publish button.  Have been promising friends that I would set up a website of some sort to share my art and what I'm doing with it.  Not at all sure what I'm doing, but I expect I'll get better as I go along.  This past week I've been tweeking a collage piece I started in a workshop some months ago.  The instructor, George Clark, pushed me further into abstract territory.   Now that the holidays are over, I'm getting back into the studio.  I'm almost done with this one.


  1. Pat,

    Although it has been a very long time since I have been detached from the world of abstract painting, it was, and still is, my favorite. It leaves us room to interpret. Yes, I do not think we should subject ourselves to the "art critics". Each of us makes connection to art though the journeys we traveled. It is hard to imagine there is one single "right" interpretation for everyone. In this, I see the the understanding of the struggle for betterment from the mosaic of imperfections that we are part of. There is no judgement, no justifications, no pre-conditions, only the understanding of the imperfections and the struggling for betterment, and that is beauty in itself. Thank you, Pat. John

    1. Thank you, John. You have stated very well what I also believe.

  2. Patricia, I've enjoyed looking through your site and seeing your recent projects. I look forward to your next show. See you in March.