Thursday, January 23, 2014

Photos taken this past Fall inside and outside the Contemporary Wing of the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Even though I now live in Pennsylvania, I'm still a member and visit a few times a year.  The museum is undergoing a major renovation at the moment and it will probably be months before all the floors and wings are all open together.   The Contemporary Wing,  Cone Collection and European Painting Collection are definitely open throughout the renovation process.   The Cone Collection is my favorite haunt, but the Contemporary Wing is full of things to wonder about.  A friend's son, Sterling Ruby, is a contemporary artist living and working in Los Angeles.  His soft sculptures will be on exhibit March through June in the Front Room of the Contemporary Wing.  See this for more information.   In the Contemporary Wing right now is An-My Le's photography exhibit which I truly enjoyed.  An-My Le was born in Vietnam in 1960 and was airlifted out of Siagon at age 15.  As a result of her experiences she is attracted to military themes.  I was particularly drawn to her images of Vietnam War reenactors--mainly because it was all new to me.  You can read more about it here.  The exhibit runs till February 23.  Admission is free.

By the way, the sculptured head with glasses should not have been included in the above collage.  I photographed that at a friend's house.  The artist is Rick Shelley and I believe the subject is one of his professors at Towson University.  Rick was an art major there in the 60's.

P.S.  For a look at the Raf Simons/Sterling Ruby Paris Fashion Week runway show see this.

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