Sunday, January 26, 2014

Yesterday morning I was gallery sitter at the York Art Association.  Three artists are currently exhibiting.  In the main gallery are two photographers:  George Ominski and Craig Sheely.  I was taken with Ominiski's photography a few years ago when I saw his large scale prints of Death Valley.  The works in this show are worlds away from Death Valley.  I would call them street photography, some involving confrontation with police or gangs, some symbolic of violence and hatred.  I felt intimated and disturbed by some of the faces looking out at me, and also somewhat awestruck.  There was emtional relief in viewing his travels to foreign places with images of people at street markets, village life, portaits, the roads leading out of town.  Ominiski is truly a talented photographer.  Sheely's exhibit was almost exclusively nudes.  Many of the photos were taken years ago with film and processed by him.   I had to marvel at his work because I have not had the courage or talent to work with people other than in snapshots.  Photographing the human form has been Sheely's photographic life.  He has scanned some of the images and used photo editing software to create texture and lighting effects.  I enjoyed these but preferred the original silver gelatin prints.  I bought one.

George Ominski's work

In the sales gallery, portrait painting by Danielle Kriner

This is the office where I volunteer one Friday each month and at other times such as when gallery sitting.

The main gallery of the York Art Association.  Rare to see it wide open like this.

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