Saturday, February 15, 2014

Art and Weather

With all the snow piled up here and all over the east coast,  I continue to spend time in the studio when I'm not helping with snow removal or working in the kitchen.  This weather demands nourishing comfort food, not only for strength but to keep up our morale.  So far it seems to be working.

In the studio I'm working on the last of the long-unfinished pieces--an acyclic painting featuring a raven with a canyon background.  I'm using a photograph I took at the Grand Canyon as a rough model.  When Barry came down to visit,  I asked how he liked it so far.  He thought the seascape was very effective. It's early days, perhaps it will eventually look more like a

This morning I visited the art blog of Nancy Reyner.  I own her book, Acrylic Revolution, and follow her blog.  I began painting with oils in the 1970's and have worked at art in some form ever since.  In the 90's, I went back to school to study drawing and painting and learned to use acrylics.  My background with oils influenced me to use acrylics with an oil painting technique.  Acrylics dry very fast, so I sacrificed the extended blending time, but enjoyed that I didn't have to wait for the painting to dry before moving on to the next layer.  This is the year I will learn some new techniques with acrylics and I was happy to see that Nancy Reyner has added some video demonstrations from her book Acrylic Illuminations:  Reflective and Luminous Acrylic Painting Techniques.  I have all the ingredients and will get started today.

Have added new things to the Paintings, Prints and Tuesday Art Cafe galleries.

What would we do without the snowblower….

In the studio working on" Organ Grinder".  Thought I would do a series entitled  "Travels of the Organ Grinder", but I seem to have stalled.

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