Sunday, February 9, 2014

Art & Weather

First a snow storm, followed by an ice storm and then the snap of a tree falling into a power line resulting in a three and half day blackout.   This is life living on a wooded slope off a wooded valley road.  No electric also meant no heat, no water and no sewer.  Our daylight hours were consumed with survival chores--bringing in kindling and firewood, refilling our water jugs at the nearby spring, feeding gasoline to the little generator that ran a space heater in our main living area.  The roads were open so we could get to the gym and do some shopping.  In the afternoon we started a fire in the dining room fireplace where we had cocktails, dinner and games of rummy until bedtime.  It was warm under the covers, but the bedroom rarely got above 47 degrees during the blackout.  So wonderful to have our everyday life back to normal.

I missed meeting with my art group on Tuesday because of the road conditions in our neighborhood.  I called Rita and told her I would work on my beach painting at home and email a photo of the progress later in the day.  The painting was almost done.  Rita called after she and Judy had studied the photo.  They gave an excellent critique and I incorporated two of their three suggestions before the blackout.  Perhaps I'll finish it later today.  Have included a collage of photos I took in my studio earlier this week.  These photos illustrate things I like.  On another occasion I'll photograph some of the things I would like to change.  I still have a flickr account and have enjoyed looking at photos of studios in the Art Studio Group.  You might enjoy it too.

Things in my studio including the beach painting in progress.  

A peek at our house through snow laden branches

Walking with Art & Tony the morning after the ice storm

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