Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fun with Instagram

These are two of the tiny journals created by Beth Trott.  Read below for Instagram connection.

I take photos and work with images almost everyday.  My cameras are a  Canon DSLR and a compact Canon Power Shot.  I don't have a smart phone, but I do have an Ipod with an Instagram app which  provides more photo shooting opportunities.  For quite some time I thought of Instagram photos as something for the moment and that after a few weeks I would delete most of them.   The images are so small, I didn't think of them as printable, therefore, not very useful.  Well, I've changed my mind about Instagram. Early Instagram photos seemed to share the same filtered, vignetted, grainy look.  At least that was what I was seeing on Flickr.  I started taking my own Instagram photos over a year ago and I've noticed a big change in quality of photos over those early days.  Like all photography, one starts off shooting, looks at the result and tries to improve on that.  Individual instagramers are shooting hundreds of photos each day, eventually establishing their own identifiable style or genre.  My sister focuses on her cats and now has an international following.  My niece in California, walks the beach almost everyday capturing sunsets, details of beach life, architecture, people, etc.  When I look at them as a group, there is no doubt they are the work of one photographer and her vision.  I've also changed my mind about their print ability.  This past Christmas my daughter-in-law gave me a tiny handmade book--a blank journal for recording Christmas memories which could be hung on the tree in future years. See photo above. Here was an opportunity to use some tiny images and I love the result.  Search the internet and you will find many resources for creating art with Instagram photos.  I haven't tried any of them yet, but if I do, I will post the results.

Some of my instagrams

Woodland Morning
Recently added to the photography gallery.

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