Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday in the Studio

A portion of the basement wall needs minor repair and paint.  This wall happens to be next to my studio and in the area where I store framed art, canvases, portfolios and assorted oversized supplies.  By noon all these things were under plastic as Barry began the repair project.  When I had done all I could do to help, I retreated to the easle and worked on the canyon raven.  The photograph I started with depicts the raven pretty much as I've painted him.  The background in the reference photo was indescript.  Having seen many ravens at the Grand Canyon and other canyons out west, I collected a few canyon photos and pieced together something I thought would work.  I think it's working.  In any case, I'm going to tidy up the bird and make a few adjustments on the landscape and pronounce it complete by the end of the work day tomorrow. 

Haven't got a title yet.

All these birds are looking at the same thing.

Some paintings recently added to the paintings gallery.

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