Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Art and Weather

Everyone is talking about the weather, especially the lack of  Spring weather.  Barry and I traveled south to Williamsburg, Virginia this past Sunday and arrived to sunny weather.  By the afternoon it was  over 70 degrees.  I tried not to complain that I was getting hot in my turtleneck sweater.  Warmth lasted into the evening, but by 9:00 am the next morning it was freezing again with snow and sleet.  We travel to Williamsburg every winter and have never experienced a shutdown of the historic area.  In just a few hours, the relatively bustling Duke of Glouchester Street was transformed into a frozen ghost town with an occasional bundled figure hurrying to shelter somewhere.  So, I spent a quiet afternoon reading, drinking coffee and sketching.

I ussually travel with these items:  a Cotman watercolor box, a pouch of pencils, a box of charcoal pieces and a small sketch pad.  The pears were painted from my imagination after reading Wallace Steven's poem,   A Study of Two Pears.

This was Sunday, March 2, in Williamsburg, Virginia

Love the shapes and textures on this old tree.  I would have been more comfortable in a T-shirt.

Players from Lafayette High School performing a skit in front of the Governor's Palace.

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