Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Baltimore Museum of Art

As I  contemplate my next visit to the BMA to see Sterling Ruby's exhibit in the Contemporary Wing, I remember I still have images to share from the February visit.  Below is a mosaic collage of some of the Antioch mosaics in the BMA's permanent collection.  The Antioch mosaics, which are displayed on several walls in atrium court, were actually floors in the well-to-do homes in the suburbs of Antioch.  They date from the reign of Hadrian during the 2nd century to the reign of Justinian in the 6th century.  Earthquakes destroyed the city in 526 and 528 A.D.  In 1932 a group of museums and institutions sponsored an expedition to uncover the remains of the ancient city.  They only found floors, but such amazing floors.  Each of the participating institutions received some of the mosaics.  The BMA has 37 pavements--most are on display.  The majority of the mosaics are in the Antakaya Archaeological Museum in Antakaya, Turkey near the ancient site of Antioch.  Another blogger I ran across here also took photos of the mosaics on her visit.  She is a quilter/artist and saw inspiration for quilting designs in the mosaics.  She has some very good detailed photos on her site.  I have a couple of detailed photos with stories that I will post another time.

Entrance to the Cone Wing at the BMA

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  1. I absolutely loved the exhibit of mosaics at the museum. Thanks so much for linking to my blog. I tried to respond to your nice email but couldn't find an email address for you. Again, thanks for the referral.