Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Friday Art

I am a member of the Archaeological Institute of America.  How did this happen?  Along with a business degree, I studied Greek history and Ancient Greek language.  My professor encouraged students to attend the archaeological lectures sponsored by the AIA chapter at Johns Hopkins.  I became a member by paying $50 a year which entitles me to a magazine and advance notice of the lectures.  They are always on Fridays at 5:00 pm at Gilman Hall--free and open to the public.   The Baltimore Museum of Art is very nearby so I usually combine a quick trip to the museum before the lecture.  This past Friday was one of those days.  See below:

Outside the Contemporary Wing of the Baltimore Museum of Art.   Love the blooming magnolia trees.
Serpentine wall outlining the Hopkins campus along Wyman Park Drive.

Inside the Baltimore Museum of Art.  Just viewed Sterling Ruby's soft sculptures.   I like a lot of  Sterling's work, but not the soft sculptures so much.  One of the attendants told me it has been a challenge keeping children from flopping down on them.  Museum goers are always looking for a place to flop down.

Mosaic of St. Paul created by my friend, Rick Shelley.  It hangs in the entry to his house near  the Hopkins campus.

Gathering in Rick's kitchen after the lecture.  The subject this month was an overview of the excavations and discoveries at Gordian (famous for the Gordian knot and Royal City of Midas) located in central Turkey.  

Rick has a tiny walled garden at the back of the house.  One wall is the garage where he plans to create a studio.  The surround of this door is decorated with woody vines Rick collects on his nature walks.

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