Monday, May 19, 2014

Art, Gardening, Books, etc.

Thanks to my friend, Mary, I discovered this wonderful book that combines my love of art and gardening.  From Art to Landscape:  Unleashing Creativity in Garden Design by W. Gary Smith is a treasure trove of inspiration, and all very timely after my recent visits to Winterthur and Longwood Gardens.  The photography of gardens Smith has sketched, painted or collaborated on is stunning.    The first part of the book focuses on simple techniques artists may use to create personal connections with the landscape which include drawing, painting, sculpture, meditation, poetry and dance.  I tried one of his suggestions today which involved taking a sketch book for a walk.  I've included a photo of the page referencing this exercise.  

On the subject of gardens, here are my son and I enjoying the end of tulip season at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.  Nick lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and had been on a business trip to Zurich.  He was able to spend four days with his dear mother on his return home.  It was interesting to me that Nick took an immediate interest in the bonsai exhibit.
My niece, Carmen, lives near San Diego where wild fires have been raging for days.  Although I am dismayed and horrified that these fires were intentionally set, this photo taken at sunset is a beauty.  Carmen has such an eye for composition and color.

As I mentioned awhile back, I've working working with pastels the last few months.   Here is my banana for your viewing pleasure.  The colors look good with Carmen's sunset.

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