Thursday, June 19, 2014

Contemplating Garden Statuary

Our woodland garden and the surrounding countryside provides endless inspiration, but as if nature were not enough, we must carve out our stamp on it by creating paths, clearings, adding plants and (in recent years) statuary.  The statuary phase began three years ago when we spent a weekend in New Hope, PA and found the garden statuary and antique shop, Hobensack & Keller.  Mr. Hobensack died some years ago, and now Larry Keller is the sole owner as well as current Mayor of New Hope.  His house and garden are next door to the shop and provide an excellent example of how statuary can be incorporated into garden design.  We have learned from Larry that  statuary looks best in a garden if it fits into the environment of the garden.  On our trip to New Hope last year we found ourselves looking for guardians.

Reminder:  Art exhibit at Allegro Wine Gallery opens on Sunday, July 6, 2014.  Check exhibit page for details.  Hope to see you there.

Albert, the gargoyle, at his lookout post onto the lower terrace which we have named Quickle Woods.

Buddha in a clearing on the woodland trail---not a guardian but a peaceful presence encouraging quiet contemplation.

Dragon in the corner of the patio keeping an eye on things.

Griffin guarding a place between woods and steps leading down to house.

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