Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fun with Instagram

Car is packed with art and I will be delivering it to the Allegro Wine Gallery very shortly.  It is somewhat nerve wracking to think of taking  bits of oneself and hanging them up on walls for all to see and criticize. But that's the way life is.  I love to view art, but don't fall in love with every piece I see.  But it certainly will be over-the-top exciting if someone does connect with one of the pieces of me.  And now for another collection of instagrams:

From upper left:  First pair of women's denim overalls (seen in a fashion mag), oil paints ready to go outside, morning coffee, Sadie Woof Private Eye, cat painting I liked at a children's exhibit, me, tree house painting I liked a children's exhibit, there are those overalls again.
Exhbit opens this Sunday, June 6th -- Reception 1-3pm  see link above for directions.

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