Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fun with Instagram

Here are some quick shots of things in the Lake Districit.  We stayed in Windemere which is about a mile and a half from Lake Windemere which stretches about ten and a half miles.  We passed one lovely estate after another on our walk to the lake's edge.  Later in the day, we walked up to Orrest Head.  An uphill public path leads through Elleray Wood where we saw small farms and a blacksmith shop.  We eventually came to the rocky summit at 784 ft.---laughable to my son who lives in Utah, but very high for England.  The panaramic view included the Yorkshire fells, Morecambe Bay, Troutback Valley and, of course, Lake Windemere.  So much beauty and all I could do was breathe it in and hope it would always stay with me.

From left:  view from our B&B, me in our room, the beach low tide at Ravenglass along the Irish Sea,  stranded jellyfish, landscape at Muncaster Castle, Barry and I exploring, Herdwick sheep (spray painted to indicate they've received vaccines (possibly), Lakes Lodge where we stayed, me ready for another day.

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