Thursday, August 7, 2014

Shopping for Art Supplies

Sadly, York County has a scarcity of art supply shops.  I barely count Michael's which is the nearest place I can drive to pick up a tube of paint or a canvas.  Rita tells me there is a shop in Lancaster which is about 30 minutes away, so I will eventually check that out.  I've also thought of making a day trip to Baltimore to see art and visit the art shops near Maryland Institute College of Art.  Mostly I rely on the online suppliers, which I'm thankful for, but I still miss browsing the displays, having an opportunity to ask questions and handling some of the materials--especially papers and brushes.  One of the treats of my stay in London was discovering L. Cornelissen & Son on Great Russell Street in Bloomsbury.  I could hardly contain my pleasure.  This is a venerable shop established in 1855 with a dignified facade and colorful window displays.  Although my companions were not studio artists, they were happy to follow me in and take a tour.  I could hardly contain myself, but felt satisfied with two new brushes and a few half pans of watercolors.  The watercolor pans were arranged in wooden drawers--each drawer having all the hues of a particular hue.  The photo below shows me with an almost wicked smile on my face as I'm about to enter the shop.

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