Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Greetings

Returned from a month-long road trip last week, and I'm still catching up with the life I left behind during those four weeks.  We drove west as far as Salt Lake City, Utah where we reunited with family living in Utah and family visiting from California.  Driving in a small RV is an adventure in itself.  This year in particular was fraught with mechanical troubles--some of which we are still dealing with.  Even so, all is well.  We always found the help we needed and we were always safe and unharmed-- lots to be thankful for.  Where will we go next year?

Autumn is my favorite season (I've probably said that before), but this year it almost feels too early because summer was uncharacteristically cool.   I wanted to paint some of the summer garden flowers, but they are pretty much gone.  All the travel and work preparing for travel really cut into my painting time.  I sketched with charcoal pencil and watercolors as much as I could while on the road.  It's time to get back into a regular studio routine.  I will!

Looking down in Harpers Ferry, WV

Reflections from a shop window in Harpers Ferry, WV

I bought these mittens at the Amana Colonies in Iowa.  Found the woolly bear caterpillar on the patio.  Looks like another cold winter ahead.

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