Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Week Greetings
with some recent random photos --
may we all be filled with the spirit 
of peace on earth and
good will to all men.

My writing desk in the shade of the Norfolk Island Pine.  

Deer sighting earlier this season

Barry's metal praying mantis sculpture, my origami crane and me at the BMA in front of Warhol's "The Last Supper"

A corner of the conservatory

Self-portrait in the woods behind the house

Fun with Instagram

From top left:  my rustic apple pie, wedding day balloons (got married in October), sun and Japanese maple, my favorite cup for evening chamomile tea, first snow and footprints on the driveway, glass & metal snowflake thing in the window, martinis at the Blue Heron, something from a Dada workshop, lights on our Norfolk Island Pine, birthday gifts for my sister with my homemade wrapping paper, another view of the giant Norfolk Island Pine---oops, there's that apple pie again.

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