Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Friday!
Trying to be calm, cool and collected as I contemplate creating art in public tomorrow at Richard Nixon Park in Jacobus, PA.  The event is sponsored by the York Art Association and is entitled, "Wild and Woolly".  The website regarding the event is here.  The weather forecast is good so I'm hoping it will be well-attended.  I made a trip to the park this past week to scope out the animals in the Nature Center.  I'm partial to the owls and think I will focus on those.  This afternoon I'll prepare two canvases and organize an art bag to take to the site.  Hope I don't let myself down.

This is a 16' x 20' collage, mixed media piece I'm working on.  I've appropriated images from many sources and layered them on canvas.  I took a photo of the piece and experimented with some paint effects.  Now I have some idea of where I want to go with the piece.

This is an inspiration board in my studio.  Note the woman in the pink dress (bottom, left).  The back of her is in the collage above.  I'm thinking I should tone down the pink dress in the collage.  

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