Monday, May 4, 2015


Spent all of Saturday morning at Richard Nixon Park in Jacobus, PA.  I had scoped out some of the preserved animals in the Nature Center a few days before (see owl photos below), but I was surprised and pleased that the staff took almost all of the animals out of their display areas and put them out and about where artists and spectators could easily view them up close.  Outdoors, landscape artists were spread out through the park.  I wanted to be everywhere, but decided to focus on owls and did manage to complete four sketches.

A preserved Great Horned Owl.  This photo taken when he was still in the display case.  For the event, she was perched on a table so that he could be sketched from various angles.  We have Great Horned Owls in our neighborhood and enjoy their hooty hoots, but I've never actually seen one except in captivity.

This is an owl sculpture I saw in Chester, UK.  I love the movement and the distinct claws.  I'm keeping this in my mind as I work on an owl in flight.

Another Nixon Park owl which I've already sketched to canvas.  Will start painting today (if I can tear myself away from gardening).

From early Spring, me sketching at Rita's house on Art Tuesday.  Sad to report that the farm has been sold and we won't be having many more art days at the farm in future.  Still, we friends shall continue our Tuesday tradition.

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