Monday, May 18, 2015

Wild and Woolly

Although up to my ears with home and garden maintenance work this Spring, still finding time for art.  In particular, I'm involved with the "Wild and Woolly" event sponsored by the York Art Association with the cooperation of Richard Nixon Park in York County.  Artists gathered on the first Saturday of May to draw, paint or photography the collection of taxidermy animals.  Many of the animals were removed from their display areas and arranged around the gallery of the nature center to allow artists to sit or stand as close as they liked to the their subject.  Some artists spread out into the park to paint landscapes.  Most artists used the event to get a good start on a painting or two.  The finished pieces will be displayed at Marketview Arts, 37 W. Philadelphia St., York, PA through the month of June.  Opening reception is June 5, 2015 from 5-9 p.m.  The show moves to Nixon Park beginning July 12, 2015 with reception at 2:00 p.m.  The show will remain at Nixon Park for one month.  I am hoping to complete two pieces before the end of May.  On the day of the event I sketched four owls.  My first thought was to paint the snowy owl in flight.  Nixon Park has such an owl suspended from the gallery ceiling.  I started working on a wide canvas, sketching in the owl to fill most of the width.  The background in the gallery is dark blue to suggest a night sky.  I started with that, but the painting is not working so far.  I took a step back and worked out an idea with pastels on dark pastel  paper.  See below.  Now I think I'm ready to work on the painting again.

Some of the landscape artists at Nixon Park

Me and other artists working with the animals.  You can see my owl in the bottom right photo.

Snowy owl with northern lights.

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