Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July's First Friday in York, PA is coming up fast (July 3, 2015 to be exact).  Barely two weeks ago I did not think I would be participating in any way, but Jessica Lee at the York Art Association knew that I was interested in collage and told me about a "call for submissions" from the HIVE artspace on E. King Street in York.  I had two pieces ready and quickly finished a third in time for the deadline. The theme of the exhibit is "found-collected-assembled".  This third piece fits the theme perfectly.  It started with finding what I thought was a rat skull early this Spring.  I suspect our heavy rains eroded the path and unearthed it.  Immediately I thought of creating something celebrating rebirth from decay.  I used one of the oak board scraps from Barry's bookshelf building project as a base and collected barks, lichens and other bits from the woods.  My idea was to arrange the skull in a way that suggested a mossy woodland.  I dried all the elements and coated them with clear acrylic medium to stabilize them and prepare them for painting.  I've titled it "After A Long Cold Winter" because our last winter was very long and bitterly cold.  When Spring finally came, we had to face the damage to our garden and the thought of how some of the animals must have suffered.

The galleries at the top of my list for this Friday:

Marketview Arts - York Art Association Annex:  Freddie Graves, Photographer - see here for more information on the artist and examples of his work.  

The Rooted Artists Collective - see here for more information.  I've only had one visit to this gallery so far, but I fell in love with the warm and open environment created by these young artists.  I'm especially drawn to the poetry of Dustin Nispel.  If I lived downtown, I would be at all their "open mic" events.  I recommend Dustin's book,  THE TOWER.

And, of course, the HIVE artspace to see my things and all the other "found-collected-assembled".

If you live in the area, do come to First Friday.  For a wonderful walking map of all the galleries downtown, see Shawn Young's website which has the perfect walking map of all the downtown galleries.  You can find it about mid-way down on the the right side of the homepage.

After A Long Cold Winter

Japanese dogwood and white roses in bloom in late spring.

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