Sunday, August 23, 2015

Having a relaxed Sunday with a small mishap.  Was working upstairs and then was on my way downstairs while having an internal dialogue about what to do next:  start prepping fabulous bean dish or mix up fungicide to attack rust on plants outside.  Two steps from bottom I lurched forward onto hard floor and missed banging my head but did bruise and bother knees.  Think I"m going to live.  Immediately put ice on knees.  Luckily had made a pot of ginger tea before accident and drank two cups for anti-inflammatory effects.  Have a scrape on one knee and a bit of swelling on the other, but think all is well.

My upstairs work was processing some photos taken at a friend's waterfront property a few days ago. Also made a photo collage of the artist trading cards I recently created for the upcoming York Art Fest.  Off they go.
Recent artist trading cards

Recent visit with friends who live on a riverfront.  I love the dolphin mosaic in their pool.

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