Monday, October 26, 2015

Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and St. Petersburg, Russia

Have been traveling by air, sea, train, bus and mini-van through Eastern Europe for most of the month of October.  Once I get back into my everyday-life groove, I'll be sharing some of the photographs and stories I've collected.  The beauty of travel is how it enriches everything in life.  As our Russian guide Olga said, "Think of yourself as a book.  If you don't travel, you are stuck on the same page. If you travel, the pages keep turning."  As a girl, I was an armchair traveler--always thinking of foreign places.  Even Iowa is a foreign place if you've only lived in Pennsylvania.  

My oil painting, "Bronze Beauty" has been accepted for the annual juried exhibit at the York Art Association.  The show opens November 22, 2015.  I'll post more details later this week.

This is a clay chicken head brooch made by my friend, Rick Shelley.  This is just a tiny example of his work.  See lots more here.
This is me wearing the chicken head.  This is a poor photo, but after I used the "cutout" filter in Photoshop, I liked it much better.

A little collage from the Baltics.

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