Saturday, November 7, 2015

Art Nouveau in St. Petersburg, Russia

  Three days was not enough to see the Hermitage, Catherine's Palace and explore the many hundreds of examples of art nouveau in St. Petersburg, but I did see enough to realize that the architects and artisans were borrowing ideas from many cultures and periods. I particularly noticed the use of mosaic scenes and decorations (some reminding me of Barcelona).   Commercial buildings are noteworthy for their large metal framed glass storefronts, huge sculptures, relief sculptures and ornate domed spires.  Here are my photos of the Singer Building.

Here is a link with some other photos of the Singer Building.  The ground floor is a book shop and up stairs there are more books and a cafe.

The Eliseyev Emporium was especially enjoyable because of it's imaginative window displays begging the viewer to come in and experience the first floor shop full of beautiful pastries, chocolates, specialty meats, cheeses, teas, coffees, liquors, etc.  I believe the next floor was a lovely restaurant.

I plan to explore more of St. Petersburg's architecture at this site.

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