Monday, November 9, 2015

Art & Weather

Or maybe I should say, art and the season.  When I returned from Russia, I entered a blazing Pennsylvania autumn.  Every place has its particular beauty and season.  For me, York County, Pennsylvania is the primo place to be in October.  Two days after we returned, I took the big walk around the neighborhood (camera in tow) and had the best homecoming ever.  Here are some of the scenes:

Our neighbor's house

Our mailbox is across the road and this is the view.

My modest house is somewhere amongst those colorful trees

Continuing up the hill...

This corn is harvested very late in the season.

With one foot here and one foot in Russia, I will be posting more of my Russian memories next time.


  1. Lovely photos, Pat, of lovely York County!

  2. Lovely photos, Pat, of our lovely York County! Thanks for sharing, and yes, what a beautiful homecoming you've had. I think this has been an especially colorful fall.