Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Just Playing Around

But really, there isn't much time to play around this close to Christmas.  I have four paintings waiting for final touches.  Will these paintings be complete in 2015?  I just don't know.  As I have found all my life, it is easier to fit photography into a small amount of free time.  I've been able to do some organizing of folders and re-work a few images I thought of deleting.  Here are some examples:

A photograph of a photograph with some of my dried dessicated leaves.

As part of a photo challenge last summer, I pointed my camera at the sun and achieved a very boring photograph.  This is the negative with an added layer to include me.

This is a cross-processed version of the same sky.  I like the S-shaped cloud which is also apparent in the negative as a black shape.

This photo was taken with my iPhone on an early morning stroll.  Love my morning cup of coffee, and the yellow is so cheerful.

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