Saturday, January 16, 2016

A January Walk

Have to admit the long holiday season made it tough to get back to those five unfinished paintings. When I last worked on them in late November, it seemed like a session for each one would do the job.  The fact is, I've lost interest in those paintings.  After some warm up drawings on poster-sized drawing paper, I did feel warmed up.  Later, I met with my art group and brought all my unfinished canvases with me.  We critiqued each others work and that helped clarify the work ahead, but I still wasn't enthused.  Then I went to the food market and saw some beautiful pears.  I love to paint pears and so I set them up under a studio light, painted them and feel so uplifted.  The other thing that has helped me get unstuck is walking or hiking with my camera.  It's wonderful to have no particular plan and just let visual encounters dictate the subject of the day.  As an example, my next post will be a photo journal of yesterday's walk.  Below are some other observations.

I haven't signed this yet, but I do feel that it's finished.  Really enjoyed working on this.

Cotoneaster in our garden.  Winter has been mild so far and there's still a lot of green.  

See what I mean about the green.  I can't remember a January this green.

The sage in my garden is gorgeous.

Only a little green here.  I love the tangle of branches.  In summer it will be a mass of green.

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