Friday, January 8, 2016

January is on the move and I'm trying hard to keep up.  For the past few years I've been creating my own weekly calendar/journal through  This year I didn't get started on it until New Year's Eve.  It arrived in the mail yesterday and this is my cover photo.  Yes, it's me--looking slightly frozen in ice crystals thanks to a little photoshopping.   All the other photos in the journal were just random selections from various folders.  A more thoughtful way to make this process faster next year is to make a calendar folder now and as photo gems appear, copy them into that folder.  It would be good to have my new calendar in hand before the new year begins.  Most of my friends use their smart phone calendars.  Smart phones do make a convenient, compact little office, but I still like writing things down--all sorts of things.  Like Oscar Wilde, I love to carry it with me--then I always have something sensational to read.

I did take time earlier this month to visit some galleries in York, PA.  I like to make the Pennsylvania Arts Experience a first stop because there's always something beautiful and/or interesting to see, and Jessica Lee (Executive Director) is there to tell you everything that's happening in York art wise. The exhibit here is full of gems.  I particularly like the encaustic painting with the yellow background and blue bird.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  The colors are rich, deep with an almost ceramic look. This piece was just the beginning of some  happy viewing.  You can see this wonderful exhibit yourself till the end of the month at the Marketview Arts Building, 37 W. Philadelphia St., York, PA

Jessica Lee is also a talented artist.  The above image is from an exhibit earlier this year at the York Art Association's Sally Little Danyo Gallery.  Butterflies in various media were the subject of that exhibit.  At the moment, Jessica is exhibiting in the lower level of Marketview Arts with all new works--mostly landscapes.  Her method of working these landscapes was first inspired by stained glass images.  She liked the effect of breaking up the colors of the landscape with dark outlines, which I think emphasizes the two-dimensional attribute of a painting.  She later experimented with an under layer of vintage dress patterns, using the contours of the patterns to suggest various elements in an aerial landscape view.  The word she uses to describe these landscapes is topographical.   You can see the explorations of her current works on her Facebook site.  I know the current exhibit will be at least through the end of this month.  Besides these works, she has another in the lower level "Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder" which is a group exhibit of abstract works.  I haven't seen it yet but hope to next week.

As a result of taking a workshop in 2015, I'm eligible to submit work for this exhibit, and so I will. 

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