Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Observations on a Walk in the Neighborhood

As I'm walking down the street, the houses are all uphill on the left.  To the right of the road the land falls into a hollow and then rises up again.  There is a large pond and a couple of clearings, but mostly the land on the right is a tangled woodland home to deer, foxes, raccoons, wild turkeys, etc. The day is gray, the woods are mostly browns and grays and so my eye is drawn to any bit of color or interesting pattern. 

Love the center rock (love rocks in general). From left: a dead mouse seen on the road, corn cob dropped by a crow, part of a deer carcass, a shriveled walnut shell, and a speckled piece of bark.

And then a treat for me--the horses are usually on their high pasture, but they were thirsty and came down for a drink.

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