Monday, January 25, 2016

Taking a break from snow chores and now just enjoying the view and the sight of birds happy with food I replenished for them.  My beloved MacBook is out of commission for a few days so I'm getting used to my husband's completely different operating system.  Everything seems backwards, but it's probably good to challenge "the little gray cells".  I mentioned snow.  Southern Pennsylvania received 26 to 33 inches of snow on Friday.  If I hadn't been out for a neighborhood walk yesterday, I would feel very snowed in, but actually, the roads are already clear.  Even so, the sight of all this snow makes me feel introspective and creative.  I made a few note cards this morning.  The above is one design created with a rubber stamp, pen and ink.    Below are a couple of snow photos taken with the iPhone.  I really couldn't manage the DSLR while wading through thigh-high snow.

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