Thursday, February 18, 2016

In Love Again with Botanical/Nature Drawings & Watercolors

On our January road trip to Charlottesville, Virginia (which has become a winter tradition), I made a pilgrimage Blue Whale Books.  Blue Whale is a quality and rare used book store.  This trip I found a 1997 publication of "The Georgia O'Keeffe Museum" and "David Attenborough AMAZING RARE THINGS: The Art of Natural History in the Age of Discovery".  I'll discuss the O'Keeffe  book in a future post.  Right now I'm diving into the Attenborough book which focuses on "an exquisite selection of natural history drawings and watercolors by Leonardo da Vinci, Alexander Marshall, Maria Sibyl Merian and Mark Catesby and from the collection of Cassiano dal Pozzi..."  The works included are held in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle.  As I progress through the book, I keep going back to a drawing of the skull and tongue of a woodpecker from Plisse Aldrovandi "Ornithologiae" 1599 which illustrates how a woodpecker's immensely long tongue curls around its skull when not in use.  

And here are two January photos I love.  One is a nearby farm field here in Pennsylvania.  The other is early morning in Luxor.  I've just boarded a boat to cross the Nile.  What a beautiful world we live in.

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