Monday, February 1, 2016


From time to time I like to visit Nancy Reyner's website.  She is a Sante Fe resident and talented artist specializing in acrylic painting.  Her informative blog posts average about four per year it seems, but they are always worth reading.  What I enjoy most about her website are the instructional videos on how to use some of the specialty acrylic paints and mediums such as interference paints and combining metal leafing with acrylics.  I recently purchased some metal leaf thinking I might do some interpretive Greek icons.  Orthodox iconography is more like an exact science than something to use as an idea for a painting, but I'm going to give it a respectful try.  

Photography took a big chunk of my creative time in January such as creating a photo book of Lillian and Penelope's first Christmas (my twin granddaughters), and then the massive amount of organizing and editing the photos of our three weeks in the Baltics.  The photo book is in process as well as the "red" project.  My laptop will heave a sigh of relief when I transfer all these digital files to an external drive, DVDs, cloud.........somewhere else!  Can't quite let go of some of the Egypt photos.  Still dreaming of a time I can spend the month of January in Aswan.  Below is Barry on our climb up from the workers' village.  The Valley of the Kings is on the other side.  We stayed at the Winter Palace in Luxor--the garden is a paradise.  I love how photography can transport me.

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