Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I'm standing in front of an art installation entitled "Kohler".  I'm sorry that I didn't make note of the artist--oversight to be corrected.  I was sitting very close to this piece while having morning coffee at Ironic in York, PA.  Ironic calls itself an art boutique and coffee house--my kind of place.  It was so much fun just hanging out here and chatting with one of the owners, Dave.  I have some quirky pieces that just might fit it here.

Had a friend take this shot of me and the snake head coming out of the urinal.

These shots are from last Wednesday's opening reception at The Parliament.  My piece can be seen in the lower right along with the performance artist, Joaquin Calles Guzman.  He sat in a meditative state throughout the evening.  He had fashioned a robe from a sheet and invited quests to unburden their inner anguish, fears, etc. by writing them on his robe.  My initial response was fear at the thought of writing my thoughts on his thinly clothed body.  I stepped up anyway and as soon as I started writing (on his shoulder) I felt he accepted me and understood something about me.  I don't know why, but I did feel better about something that had been bothering me all week.    When I returned to the gallery on Saturday, Joaquin's robe was on display.  I have photos of that to share later.
A link to his website is here.

Saturday morning outside The Parliament.

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