Monday, March 21, 2016

Middle March

Just returned from a week visiting three historic Virginia cities:  Williamsburg, Charlottesville & Staunton.  This is a trip we do almost every winter and I have always carried my DSLR and photographed as much as possible.  This year, I packed that camera, but did not use it once.  I have been photographing Williamsburg since 1998 and that camera is starting to get heavy.  This trip was for swinging my arms freely and taking in as much as I could with all my senses.  These very familiar places seemed new again.  Admittedly, I do have an iPhone and I did take a few shots with that, but not many.  The first is behind the Governor's Palace kitchen.  I saw a squirrel planting something--or digging up something buried.

Down the hill from the garden is a canal which is usually clear.  This is the first time I've seen it patterened in algae.  A friend who saw this photo said it reminded her of a Monet painting.   I do see what she means.

This is an interior shot of the Foundry where useful household items are made.  There was a large woman with strong arms operating the bellows and talking about the melting and casting process.  For some reason my gaze kept drifting out the window.  

This is the inside of the Wheelwright's workshop--specifically, where the painting is done.  Last year someone was actually mixing some paints in the manner of the Colonial period.  Leather covers are used to cover mixed pigments.  

There are many beautiful architectural and ornamental details in the Governor's Palace.  These candle sconces which light the entry hall are a big favorite of mine.  The globes seem modern in comparison to what one sees in other Williamsburg buildings.  Even by day, without the candles lit, they provide a sparkle to the entry hall.  They are set up high which is why I had trouble getting a good picture with my iPhone.

Art wise, I'm back to work getting a series of photo-greeting cards ready for a shop in York.  This is something new for me, although I have sold some of my photo cards at exhibits.  I'll share more about the venue when I make the delivery this week.  Also planning to exhibit a piece in the York Art Association's upcoming exhibit "Life Forms".   And let us not forget Spring.  I'm itching to start planting my salad garden, and looking forward to Easter as well.  Sending good wishes to everyone.

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