Monday, April 18, 2016

The York Art Association's Spring Members' Exhibit is a gorgeous collection of fine art ranging from traditional landscapes, portraits, and still life to various subjects in abstract, mixed media, photography, collage, etc.  If you live in the area and missed the opening, there's still plenty of time to see it.  I know I say this all the time, but I feel humbled and inspired by the talent and creativity of our members.  The York Art Association (York, PA) is 111 years old this year and continues to be a valued resource of quality fine art classes and exhibition opportunities for its members and the extended arts community in this region.  The exhibit opening began with a dedication of the new sculpture garden--Susan's Garden.  (See previous post.)   The  sculptures and  garden were installed several months ago and the garden is now decked out with daffodils, tulips and other emerging plants.  I'm thinking of packing a lunch and setting up my easel there in the near future.  If I do it in my garden, I see too much garden work--a poor excuse, but there it is.

This collage of the front entrance of the South Street Inn in Charlottesville, VA crossed my path this morning.  Just love that place.  Already thinking about our next visit and the places I want to revisit.

A while back, I sketched the following after seeing an ad for a dance performance in a  New Yorker magazine.  Wish I could have seen the actual performance.  I like this sketch and keep wondering if I can make something of it.  After trying a couple of things using some effects in Photoshop, I feel encouraged to hang on to it for now.  Some idea may float to the surface during that time of just falling asleep or waking.  Love when that happens.

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