Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thinking About Insects and Spiders

These are some of Rick Shelley's fantasy bugs.  Further down I've attached an announcement of his upcoming Open Studio.

The above photo of Baltic amber was taken during my visit to an amber workshop in Lithuania last autumn.  This view is through a large magnifying glass which really dramatizes these ancient preserved insects.

I call this series, Spider Measles.  This is a collage view of four images I recently created for the upcoming HIVE artspace exhibit:  "The Great Big Bug Show".  It opens First Friday, June 3 and runs through June 25, 2016.  You can find more information on their Facebook page.  The location is 126 E. King St., York, PA.  You can find three of these spiders as well as many more interpretations of spiders and insects at the HIVE.

Also want to post this blurb from Rick Shelley.  If interested and you have any questions, see contact information on his website:  www.rickshelley.com

Rick Shelley’s
321 Wyman Park Drive
Sunday, June 5th 12:00-4:00

     Greetings from Rick,
     Hope you’ll stop by to see new fantasy bugs and dragonflies, copper mobiles, glass mosaics, exquisite pins and more. Sign up for a mosaic class!

Park near the intersection of Remington Avenue and Wyman Park Drive (no parking restrictions on weekends). Follow the markers through the alley off Remington to the studio behind 321 Wyman Park Drive.

Here are some other images he sent me:

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