Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Thinking about Summer Workshops

While visiting Utah, my daughter-in-law (artist, Beth Trott)  and I had an art talk while the little girls were sleeping.  I was telling her about an acrylic artist I admire (Nancy Reyner), and how I would love to take a workshop with her.  I looked up the cost which was $150 an hour or $1000 per day--ouch.  If I lived in Santa Fe, NM it would be worth a couple of hours with her.  I would still need to fly out there, house and feed myself.  Then we started thinking about a week of drawing and painting in France.  I found a place with an all-inclusive price in an historic chateau. What appeals to me is that this is not a hotel/spa situation.  There's no restaurant, bar, or maid service.  It's a bit like camping, but in a spacious chateau.  There is a cook who shops for food in the village and makes all the meals.  More details are here.  I know I can't get away for art this summer, but I can dream.  Speaking of workshops, the summer schedule of workshops at the York Art Association will be coming our soon.  I have been asked to teach Creative Digital Photography at the end of August.  As soon as the flyer is published, I will share the information here.

By the way, you can see Beth's art at and Nancy Reyner's and

Here is another crow in pen and ink that I recently framed.  Forgot to photograph him before framing, so this isn't the best picture.

Have started another small botanical collage on wood panel.  Let's say it's halfway there.  So far this has been an action/reaction experience.  Hoping for a vision of what it should be when I wake up in the morning.

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