Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Creative Digital Photography

The last week in August I am scheduled to teach a three-day workshop entitled "Creative Digital Photography" at the York Art Association in York, PA.  The full course description is on their website here.  Among other things, we will be discussing how to take a better picture the first time, how to use some advanced features on whatever camera participants are using  and ideas for doing creative things with photography.  Several people who have expressed an interest in this course are artists who want to use photography as a means to explore a subject they intend to paint or to photograph the art work for marketing purposes.  Others want to learn advanced techniques on their camera or device and learn some of the best ways to share their photography.  Years before I had a digital camera, I called myself the "cut and paste queen".  I have always taken lots of photographs and most of them were not so hot.  There would be three or four gems from a roll of film that gave me the encouragement to keep trying.  At some point during the late 1980's, I started recyling the rejects by cutting out the best parts and rearranging the cutouts into something new.  In thinking about this upcoming workshop, I thought it might be fun to go through one of my boxes of prints and do the same as a demonstration.  The following was created from pieces of six different photographs.

I really enjoyed the process of photo collage.  With Photoshop, I was able to get more creative.  Here is the same image with the cutout filter.

Here I used the channel mixer to obtain a black and white version.

I really love the inked outlines.

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