Monday, June 27, 2016

Facebook likes to send memories to subscribers and this is the one I received today, and it really made me smile.  Barry & I were not long returned from our cross-country road trip--California and back.  This is what I wrote:  "It's raining at the moment, but not cooling off much.  Thinking about Kansas today and how much I enjoyed the Tall Prairie Grass Preserve.  A ranger led six of us on a seven-mile tour via a rickety old bus.  We saw bison off in the distance and then we passed through a gate separating the bison part of the preserve from the area leased to a cattle rancher.  Here I am standing with a few of the 1200 cattle contained in this area.  I have never stood in a pasture with cows before.  'Barry, take a picture of me with the cows!'  "

For those not familiar with the American prairie and might be wondering, as I was then,
where is the tall prairie grass?  The answer is that this was Spring and the grass doesn't get tall till the end of Summer.

I may have posted something about my photographs of glass slag before.  If so, this is an update.
The Rooted Artist Collective is running an exhibit entitled "The Blues" throughout the month of July 2016.  Three of my pieces are included.  All three of the accepted works are macro photos of the glass chunk above.  I found that photographing the glass in a shaded area cut down on hot spots in the photographs, although did not entirely eliminate them.  I particularly liked the colors of the landscape blending with the glass in unexpected ways.  Putting my hand or arm in back of the glass added warm, earthly tones. 

This is a collage of four photographs, one of which will be in the show--the one far left.  I also have a chunk of green and clear glass.

This is where some of the glass is displayed for the summer.  

The Rooted Artist Collective
101 N. Newberry St.
York, PA  17401

July Exhibit:  "The Blues"
Opening reception First Friday, July 2, 5:00 to 9:00 p.m
Runs through the month of July 2016

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