Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer is Here 

Just wrapping up my "office work" and anxious to get outdoors where garden projects await.  I'm in and out of the basement studio and have finally declared some paintings complete.  They each have presented some challenges for me.  One was totally overworked, but I've decided to live with it and let it be a contrast to the improved work of the future.  Have to keep moving forward.  Inspired by a workshop to be led by Rebecca Noelle Purvis "Bold Drawing with Charcoal and Much More" at the York Art Association in August, I intend to do a lot of drawing with charcoal over the next several days.  I won't be able to participate in the workshop because of schedule conflicts, but I can set myself a goal to do x number of drawings a week and post them here as incentive.

Paintings added to Painting Gallery today:

After the Storm No. 1

After the Storm No.2

After the Storm No.3

After the Storm No.4

Lake on Fire

Sunset Dunkard Valley Road

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