Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Early July Greetings - Summer Has Arrived

My former Greek language professor just sent an email notice of her 2017 study tour in Greece.  Coincidentally, I had just pulled this old photo of me from the archives.  I lived in Piraeus for three years in the 70's--perhaps the attire is a clue.  The month was April and Mykonos was fairly quiet.  Our hotel was on the other side of the main harbor and we were surrounded by fields of poppies with easy access to small coves for sunbathing or swimming.  Getting back to the tour, it will be in July of next summer through the Classics Department, University of Notre Dame Maryland.  If you would like more information, I can forward all the details.

About four months ago I found Chatbooks on Instagram.  I have had an Instagram account since 2013 and, up until a year ago, took all my Instagrams with my iPod4.  I've posted several "Fun with Instagram's" here.  The idea of collecting all my Instagrams into 6"x6" books of 60 photos each appealed to me.  I didn't realize how far back my photos went until I got the first book.  It was like a gift.  The cost is $8.00 per book and shipping is free if you choose "turtle" method.  Check it out and if you decide to use the service, use this promo code which will give both of us a discount:
I love Instagram.  You can find me at "tuesdaycafe"

In my previous post, I mentioned I was challenging myself to do a drawing a day.  This has indeed been a challenge.  I think these sketches were done every other/every two days since last post.   This was done with some leftover paint and a really like the free feeling of it.

This is a collage of all the sketches since the last post.  They are barely worth mentioning except to say some were from life. some were made up and the one labeled "Christo" was referenced and pictured in an article about Christo's latest installation "Floating Piers"  in Italy.  I saved the article and wish that I could have teleported there.  You can read about the installation here.

And now for some summer morning light on the pergola:

And some evening lights hitting the wisteria vines at our neighbor's house:

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