Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Waterlilies, More on Ciurilanis, Abstract Art, and Creepy Dolls

Here is my Waterlilies photo collaged with a photo of me at the York Art Association gallery.  I posted this on my Facebook page and my sister saw it and purchased it.  This is a very personal piece and I'm glad it's staying in the family.

In my last post I shared my discovery of the Lithuanian composer/painter, Mikaljous Konstantinas Ciurlionis.  Towards the end of his brief life, he discovered photography while visiting friends in the Caucasus.  I associate the Caucasus with Russia, but actually the area is made up of several countries and diverse peoples.  The geographic area is known as Eurasia and lies between the Black and Caspian Seas.  It is dominated by the Caucasus Mountains, the highest of which is 18,510 ft.  The shore area with the high cliffs is part of what is a 370-mile strip that is called the Riviera of the Caucasus (this part I am guessing from limited reading because the photographs are not labeled).  See previous post for link to archives and the rest of the collection.  I was immediately struck by the sense of place, the energy of the sea and composition of his frames.

Below are progress photos beginning with top right which I painted last week on a 16"x20" canvas. My usual problem painting abstracts is that I impose faces or realistic forms as I move along.  In this case I was already seeing frolicking sea creatures.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon breaking it down and painting over it.  It doesn't feel done, but I definitely like it better.

My niece told me, at a time when she was young enough to play with dolls, that she didn't like antique dolls because they made her think of horror films.  I get it, but I also find them humorous. The boy doll is part of my "six word stories" series --  "They say I poisoned the cat.'

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