Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Three-Day Workshop with Brett Greiman

Brett Greiman is a professional artist, illustrator and muralist who lives in York County, PA and occasionally teaches acrylic painting classes and workshops at the York Art Association.  I was so happy my schedule finally coincided with this summer workshop he entitled "Dynamic Acrylic Painting".  There were three reasons I wanted to take a class with Brett--three things he does well that I wanted to learn more about: 
     1.  He's an expert with acrylic paint and the dozens of acrylic mediums.
     2.  He's a muralist (I've been wanting to paint a mural for years).
     3.  He is known for dynamic color in his paintings.

Above is a handout Brett gave us which outlines his basic approach.  In this case he used a photograph of a site he was very familiar with.  He uses diluted black paint for the drawing and then using black paint and water creates a tone painting.  Depending on the mood and temperature he wants for the final painting, he will paint over the tone painting with either phthalo blue or a red hue in a thin wash.  When that is dry he starts painting with his chosen palette.

This is my tone painting of a Scotland landscape.  You can see my reference in the lower left of the photo.

I forgot to photograph the canvas with blue wash over the tone drawing, but I did capture the stage where I've pretty much worked around the entire canvas and I'm ready to enter the middle stage of the painting.   Look forward to posting the completed painting in the near future.

No sooner did I finish the workshop, than my first August houseguest arrived---a little French bulldog puppy named Laney.  Her family was vacationing by the sea while she enjoyed summer camp with us.

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