Monday, August 15, 2016

A Visit to The York Water Company in York, Pennsylvania
Part I

Had the good fortune to be on a business appointment downtown near the The York Water Company. Customers can pay their water bill here and visitors are welcome to see and photograph the beautiful interior during their business hours.  Quoting from their brochure: "The York Water Company was founded in 1816 by a group of local businessmen who were tired of watching businesses burn down.  They got together in a local tavern, wrote up a charter, got it approved by the Pennsylvania legislature, and started The York Water Company.  The building at 130 East Market Street was built in 1929 as the main office for The York Water Company.  The architect, William B. Billmeyer, dedicated his design to the 'Great Gift of the Creator to mankind.' The building has many elements dedicated to God's gift of water....On the front of the building the pediment on top of the facade shows a relief of a bubbling fountain."

Here is the view when you walk in the front entrance.  The beautifully restored frescoes fill the ceiling.

The fresco closest to the front door is a biblical interpretation of "The Four Rivers" flowing from the throne of God.  They represent the four gospels.  The four ancient rivers were: Gihon (St. Matthew), Tigris (St. Mark), Euphrates (St. Luke), and Pison (St. John).

Flora, the Goddess of Flowers

The fresco closet to the back door depicts the Roman god Psyche offering the cup of the water of life to Venus. This was one of several trails that Venus forced on Psyche which she successfully completed and upon which Jupiter rewarded her by allowing Cupid to marry Psyche.

Between the front main gallery/office and the back entrance, there is a mini museum with historic photos and a few relics.

More to share on The York Water Company.  Will try to finish up tomorrow.  The garden calls again.

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