Wednesday, August 17, 2016

A Visit to The York Water Company, York, Pennsylvania
Part II

A little fountain over the inside front entrance.
In the previous post I included my photos of the ceiling frescoes.  The artist was Gustav Ketterer (1870-1953) who was active in Pennsylvania and Germany and known for his mural work.  I did a little Google search and found two paintings at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art here and a few galleries that had Gustav Ketterer works for sale.  In searching images of Gustav Ketterer, what looked like a watercolor study for a ceiling seemed the most connected to his work in York.

There are two drinking fountains in the main office/gallery--one at each end.  If you are not connected to York water service, this is your chance to taste the best tap water in the county.

Doors of the back entrance.

Detail of stained glass on back doors.
Detail of window in stairwell of back hall.

View to the back entrance from main gallery/office.

You can go to and learn more about The York Water Company and even buy shares in the company.  They are proud to state that the company has the longest consecutive dividend record of any publicly traded corporation in America.  You can also schedule a tour, although walk-ins are welcome too.

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  1. That is awesome that you can go and visit the building of a water company. Even more awesome – all of the art found within! I never would have thought! :)

    Visiting from August Break. Hope you are having an awesome month and getting a well-deserved "break". :)