Thursday, August 25, 2016

Garden Love

My twin granddaughters arrived early evening last Friday.  They live in Utah and this was their first visit to Pennsylvania since Christmas.  As soon as they stepped into the garden, they were in wonderland.  They picked a lot of flowers and one of them dunked herself in the lion fountain before following me to the front lawn which I call "the boccie court",  where we did a lot of crazy running around before bedtime.  Below is the lion fountain head.

Here are a few more summer photographs of the garden:

We've had a good deal of rain this month which has encouraged a lot of mushroom growth. This is a small sample.

Our one and only "Naked Lady". It sends up foliage in Spring, dies back and blooms on a tall, leafless stem in August.

This is my favorite rose in our garden, but I don't know the name of it--it came with the house.

Our friend, Ross, is an enthusiastic gardener and we love to visit the unfolding display of blooms throughout the season.  Below are some highlights of a recent visit.

A view from the patio

Don Juan rose

Stepping out from the conservatory with my orange shoes and a little orange squiggle

Pan with backdrop of elephant ears

A sea glass mobile that Ross is working on.

August is my birthday month and I try to celebrate everyday of it in some little way.  Today I chose a photo I took of an interior design store window in Vilnius, Lithuania to impose my selfie and a birthday wish.  The blue top I'm wearing is a birthday gift from my sister. I love it! It's been a very summery good month.  If you are an August Leo too, happy birthday to you as well.

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  1. Happy Birthday Pat! May the coming year be the best one yet.