Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween and the End of a Beautiful October

I'm looking out my office window to a bright yellow woodland.  The Japanese maples in the foreground are turning from bronze to orange--next step is bright red.  The photo above is the top of a glass pumpkin I received as a birthday gift in August from my sister.  I am one of three sisters--three weird sisters who are passionately in love with autumn.  As you know, in the early part of October I was in Utah.  Here are three more foliage scenes from Crestwood Park.

Just love the soft pink in the foreground of this one.

I'm getting some images ready to send to Mpix--my online printing lab.  Two of them are black & whites which I don't think are technically great, but they both have been sitting in the wings for a long time and looking at them again, I want to have them on a wall somewhere in the house.  The first  I should call "Puddle After Puddle".  This was taken at the construction yard where I used to work.  We had two dogs in the office and it was a good mental break to take them for a walk.  I suppose I'm disappointed that the dogs blend into the background, but now that I've accepted that I actually took this photo for the reflections in the puddles, I like it very much.  I also like the series of monkey balls (seed pods from the sweet gum tree) zigzagging down the path.

The next is a scene down the street from where I live.  The problem here was photographing into the sun.  Trying to get a balance in this image was a challenge.  After several sessions, I put it aside not thinking it was worth printing.  It's the same thing when you feel you're overworking a painting.  Two or three years later, I like it well enough to print it.  I will also mention that I actually cropped out the blown-out top of the photo.

And here are my happy granddaughters to close this post.  Yes, I was sliding with them. Joy!

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