Monday, November 7, 2016

An Experiment


I'll be traveling shortly and trying to figure out how to continue my blog using an iPad.  I'm a photographer, so of course I want to post photos along the way.  So far Blogger is not giving me access to my "camera roll". 😬  I was able to grab the photo above from my Google Drive albums which I uploaded in the days of Picasa.  If you have a solution to my problem, please share.  So this is my first post from an iPad.  The photo was taken in 2012 when Barry and I visited Egypt.  This is one of the hallways at the Mena House hotel in Giza.  We could see the pyramids from our terrace.  This was January--exactly one year after Egypt's "Arab Spring".  Tourism had declined rapidly and we were able to arrange a bargain tour through the Archaeological Institute of America.  

So here I was living a dream.

Imagine having the pyramids almost to yourself. Well, it was great finding these photos via the iPad, but trying to write and edit is rather a pain.  So I will bring this experiment to a close for now.  Hopefully my next post sans photos will be from Croatia. 

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