Friday, December 23, 2016

End of December 2016

Just made this coffee before sitting down at my desk.  I bought the coffee in Croatia and the pot in Bosnia.  The Croatians call it Croatian coffee and the Bosnians call it Bosnian coffee, but they all agree it is basically Turkish coffee, which the region fell in love with during the Ottoman rule. In Bosnia I was told by two different sources that I should put the finely ground coffee in the pot and then place it on a hot burner to lightly roast before pouring boiling water into the pot. Then put the pot back on the burner until the contents boil but not over boil.  Let the coffee settle and then pour into cup.  The directions on the bag of Croatian coffee do not mention roasting/toasting the ground coffee first.  I really enjoy making it as a treat for myself.  I have some rose infused Turkish delight to go with it which  I'm saving until there's time to recover from all the holiday eating. I tasted it in Sarajevo and loved how it immediately transported me to a fragrant rose garden.

In late September, we had to take down one of the tall rock oaks in the woodland behind the house.
The tree died from white rot and I can't help but wonder if the unusual bend in the tree trunk played a role in its eventual death.  Probably not.  The tree seemed perfectly fine a couple of years ago, and then last year we noticed all the bare limbs at the top.  This past Spring it has no foliage at all.  Very disturbing.  Here is a collage showing two views just before it was cut down.

I need to look up the name of the showy weed below.  I see it along the road around farm fields and along trails in the park.  I love the bright red stalks and dark berries and enjoyed photographing them.

I recently added the Diana photo app to my editing tool box.  It allows one to very easily create double exposures from photos on smart phones or tablets.  The tools are easy to learn and so much fun.  I feel like a kid who got a nifty new toy from Santa. Here are a couple of images I worked on last night.  The primary image was me in my kitchen (taken a few years ago).  I used a image of the kitchen and combined it with an image of another room in the house.  In the second photo it looks as though I am outside passing by the kitchen window.  The black and white is my favorite.

And here's another effect with Cupid in the conservatory.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!


  1. The death of a tree is a significant moment, I mourn several established trees which died during a 10 year drought, including a beautiful little forest of Silver Birches. The Silver Birch seemed to be the tree most impacted by the drought here in Bendigo. They are the most beautiful of trees, their appearance is cooling in the summer heat but alas they are not meant to grow in our climate. As I drive around town I don't see any Silver Birches which survived the drought. Now the drought is a distant memory and I see birches being planted again... and so the cycle continues. Best Wishes for Xmas and for 2017. Jennifer.
    PS I am going to try the Diana App. I wonder, with the intriguing elusions it creates, is it named after The Princess of Wales?

    1. I know what you mean about losing trees. They give us so much. We have a blight in this area that is killing certain oak trees. We love the cooling shade they give us in summer. I find myself hugging some of them in thankfulness. Mother Nature will have her way even as the will to survive is strong. We just try to keep going.